BWRT Level 1&2

BWRT is a new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience.

Level 1 provides skills for outstanding work with a huge number of issues, including all forms of anxiety, all phobias and fears, OCD, PTSD, success inhibition, fear of failure, performance anxiety and more, often in only 1 or 2 sessions.

Level 2 confers the ability to work effectively with complex core identity problems such as alcohol or narcotic dependence, gambling, porn addiction, compound PTSD, sexual addiction/obsession, fetish and other deep-rooted issues.

Master Coach BWRT

The BWRT Coaching programme is an exciting and dynamic methodology combining the best of BWRT Level 1 and the best elements of two other outstanding Terence Watts concepts: Warriors, Settlers & Nomads and the unique SymbioDynamics® goal-achevement system.

This combination allows you to work on almost anything where guidance and ‘hand holding’ is required, from individual who just cannot seem to make relationships work, through helping the budding entrepreneur on their way to becoming a self-made milionnaire, to the CEO of a major corporation who fears he might be losing out to competitors in some way.

Abolishing Anxiety

This course was devised to work effectively for the resolution of Free Floating Anxiety, the symptoms of which can often be totally intractable and very nearly inaccessible.

This BWRT® programme will work effectively with either situation though it is one of the very few programmes that is designed from the ground up to be effective with FFA. It is probably one of the most in-depth anxiety protocols available and designed in a similar format (though with quite different material) to the outrageously successful BWRT® Defusing Depression.

Defusing Depression

It provides an entirely new methodology of working with depression as well as a variety of tools and processes to give the highest possibility of success.

It even explores the ‘Reptilian Personality’ base driver that underpins every decision we make long before we even know we’ve made it. Therapy cannot easily change that base driver but it does have to take account of it.

Procrastination Buster

This training covers everything you need to know to get the best possible response for the client. You’ll learn how to: defuse the procrastinations about therapy; lay bare the exact style of the client’s particular procrastination; avoid open questions that can be a trigger for procrastination; discover which of four procrastination drivers is present; decide on which protocol(s) to use; everything, in fact, to clear the way for the Full Procrastination Reset to have the best effect.

Major Life Reset

A single two-hour training that will teach you how to use the Major Life Reset protocol for the client who is ‘totally messed up’ but doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. It could be said to be a super-tuned version of the Virtual Perfect Childhood and works in the deepest part of the psyche.

This protocol is designed for the individual who states that their life is ‘totally messed up’ without being able to define exactly what is wrong. They are ‘just a mess’; relationships fail; employment fails; nothing lives up to expectations; they always somehow end up with second best; they miss out on most opportunities; and when they don’t, it turns out they would have been better off if they had.

Social Media Addiction 

Social Media, whilst a source of enjoyment for many can lead to apparently addictive behaviour for others – and like all addictive behaviours it quickly manifests itself as a core Identity problem. There are many reasons why it’s a difficult situation to deal with and this training seeks to resolve most of them, if not all.

The training will show how to engage the client’s behavioural processes as well as their psychology – essential in the case of repeated physical actions as are shown in this circumstance.

Neurophysical Enhancement

Neurophysical Enhancement Training is, like most of the BWRT® processes and protocols, radically different when it comes to providing a solution to an issue. There’s nothing at all like it in the field of body fitness, strength, health and longevity. Whether your client is a confirmed ‘couch potato’ who just wants to stay as healthy as possible, somebody who wants to get the best out of an occasional jog round the park, or an avid athlete who wants to achieve their best time in a marathon, this programme helps you help them.

As the name suggests, the programme uses psychology to focus as many neurones in the brain and body as possible to enhance physical performance and endurance. In other words, you can help your client to find better psychological and physical health.

Psychosexual Dysfunction

Designed specifically for the professional therapist, this Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction diploma course will teach you all you need to know to ethically promote yourself as a specialist in an area where there is a distinct shortage of properly trained therapists. It’s rewarding work, too – when you restore an individual’s sex-life, you are also restoring their happiness.