Abolishing Anxiety

1 Day Training – £299.00

Abolishing Anxiety

This course was devised to work effectively for the resolution of Free Floating Anxiety, the symptoms of which can often be totally intractable and very nearly inaccessible.

This one day workshop is designed from the ground up to be effective with FFA and provides every tool you need including specialised protocols.

Tutor: Adelina Pjetra

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Please note: you must be a member of The Terence Watts BWRT Institute to enrol on this course.

Why take this course

The dedicated BWRT® Protocol for Free Floating Anxiety.

What You Will Learn

Don’t confuse Free Floating Anxiety with Generalised Anxiety Disorder!

Many people believe that they are one and the same problem – but there is actually a radical difference between the two… the sufferer of GAD will tell you that “Almost everything makes me anxious,” while the one with FFA will say: “I haven’t a clue why I’m anxious – I just am, all the time.”

This BWRT® programme will work effectively with either situation though it is one of the very few programmes that is designed from the ground up to be effective with FFA. It is probably one of the most in-depth anxiety protocols available and designed in a similar format (though with quite different material) to the outrageously successful BWRT® Defusing Depression.

FFA has a variety of side effects, some of them physiological, that the sufferer probably does not connect with the condition. It can even be the cause of anxiety or depression that flares only at particular times, or where a sufferer feels as if they are somehow in the ‘wrong body’.

If your client’s anxiety is resolvable, this is the tool that will give you more therapeutic leverage than you might ever have thought possible. If you work with anxiety, it’s the ‘magic wand’ you and your clients have been waiting for!

On this complete course, you will learn how to:

  • Define the Reptilian
  • Personality Base Driver
  • Personalise the protocols for the Base Driver requirements
  • Discover the presence of agendas that may be hidden from the client
  • Ascertain if the anxiety is ‘focused’ or ‘centralised’ – and provide specifically styled therapy
  • Discover the possiblity of hidden trauma from the past
  • Use the brand new Anxiety Stop emergency protocol
  • Use the Anxiety Acceptance protocol where the client does not want to relinquish an agenda
  • Use a Level One protocol that has been specially modified to work with anxiety
  • Use the brand new Focused Anxiety Protocol
  • Use the brand new Contralised Anxiety Protocol.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a medical organisation. We do not advocate working with anxiety without there having been prior medical consultation and subsequent agreement by the client’s GP or other medical consultant to any ongoing therapy. We work solely with the psychological aspect of this condition.

The detailed Therapy Running Order section, along with client work sheets, allows you deliver a flawless therapy from the start – if your client wants to get better, this programme will provide the best possible chance of getting them there.

The dedicated course is ‘pure BWRT®’ and not just a ‘remix’ of other protocls and nor does it combine any other style of working. It’s BWRT® through and through!

Is this suitable for me?

Suitable for all registered practitioners from Level 1 up, this is the perfect material to use when the client is anxious all the time but has no idea why. Also dispels entrenched Generalised Anxiety.

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