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If you suffer from any form of psychological or emotional difficulty, just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up tomorrow morning to discover it had gone. And no matter how hard you searched for it, it remained a thing of the past that simply didn’t cause you a problem any more! That happens all the time with BWRT!

  • BWRT® provides help and support (sometimes for very serious conditions) for hundreds of people every day
  • BWRT is both fast and effective – no getting ‘stuck in therapy for years’ with us!
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  • BWRT Professionals is a division of the Terence Watts BWRT Institute

Testimonials from those helped

“I’d mentioned to Bob Bees about my lifelong fear of spiders, and that it was something I wanted to conquer. We had spoken about hypnotherapy, though I was rather intrigued by what Bob had told me of the relatively new therapy called Brainworking. So I decided to give it a try.

I left the session on a high, and I felt as though I was looking forward to having my first meeting with a spider (which seemed a bit of a weird thought, as I never would have wished for this before my session – quite the opposite)!

Over the many years of having a spider phobia I’d often thought about going for some sort of therapy to help me get over it and I’m so pleased therefore, Bob, that you introduced me to Brainworking. I thoroughly recommend it. What a fabulous way to help someone move on – quickly, efficiently, painlessly, effectively, naturally!”

– Lesley Hallows, Sussex – Publisher, Wellbeing Magazine

DISCLAIMER: Although many of our practitioners have medical qualifications (including GPs and Psychiatrists), BWRT® is not a medical organisation and we do not profess to diagnose, ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ medical conditions. BWRT® is a form of psychotherapy and practitioners work solely with the psychological processes associated with any condition.