Psychosexual Dysfunction

Twelve lesson – £750

Psychosexual Dysfunction

A twelve lesson ‘live and online’ intensive study full diploma online course
Become supremely confident working with both male and female clients and learn how to work with most problems from simple sexual unhappiness to profound psychosexual disorder.

This course won the MCGI award – you can read the thesis if you wish (20,000 words, academic in style.) The MCGI – Member of the City & Guilds Institute – is considered to be comparable to a British Masters degree.

Tutor: Adelina Pjetra

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Please note: you must be a member of The Terence Watts BWRT Institute to enrol on this course.

Work competently and effectively with:
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Vaginismus
• Anorgasmia
• Premature Ejaculation
• Sexual Aversion Disorder
• Dyspareunia (pain on intercourse)
• Secondary Sexual Dysfunction
• Hypoactive Desire Disorder (frigidity)
• Incompatibility issues
• Sexual ignorance
And many other problems including embarrassment, inhibition and sexual unhappiness.

Course Format

Designed specifically for the professional therapist, this Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction diploma course will teach you all you need to know to ethically promote yourself as a specialist in an area where there is a distinct shortage of properly trained therapists. It’s rewarding work, too – when you restore an individual’s sex-life, you are also restoring their happiness.
The course is absolutely complete and will teach you all that you need to know, and also includes the ‘Cogniive Analytical Therapy’ e-book and the ‘Sorting Out Sex’ e-book.
We will even teach you how you can work by telephone or via an online internet connection – giving you a wonderful opportunity to gain clients who may feel too embarrassed to make a personal approach.

Be warned – no punches are pulled with this course and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted therapist! The course ‘tells it like it is’ and includes, among other information:

• An 86,000 word professionally written resource pack
• Explicit material including graphic illustrations and photographs
• Detailed information on working with the sexual issues that you will encounter
• Carefully selected methodologies for working with a wide variety of presenting difficulties.
• To-the-point handouts for clients who need a little education
• Internet links to a vast amount of information and extra resource.
• Information on how to help people with physical illness or disability to enjoy an active and rewarding sex life.

In short, we ensure that when you have completed your studies, you will be thoroughly conversant and confident with every concept with which you may be required to work.
But it’s far more than that! Many past students of this course have stated that it gave them a deep insight into themselves, not just the sexual element of self, but into some of the deepest fundamental processes of their psyche, creating beneficial and lasting change.

Online classes are the future of advanced study – and if you’ve never taken a class this way, all you have to do is click on the link each week, then sit back, watch and listen – this is the easy way to study! You can interact if you wish, by typing any questions into the text box.

Only for the professional therapist
The course assumes that you have an at least adequate knowledge of clinical practice, and hypnosis or hypnotic induction techniques will not be taught during the study. A variety of methods are used to resolve client difficulties and we will ensure that you are thoroughly conversant with all of them. In addition to this, the professionally prepared resource pack contains everything that is taught on the class and more.
At the end of the study you will receive a multiple-choice, ‘take home’ exam to complete and once successful, you will receive a Diploma which clearly illustrates that you have completed a bona fide professional study course.

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