Procrastination Buster

1 Day Training – £299.00

Procrastination Buster

This training covers everything you need to know to get the best possible response for the procrastinating client. It analyses the client’s ‘procrastination personality’ and quickly establishes underlying drivers.

It covers everything you need to know to get the best possible response for the client

Tutor: Adelina Pjetra

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Why take this course

Learn how to help people overcome their procrastination.

What You Will Learn

“A crazy illness.”

That’s what Sigmund Freud said about OCD – and that description certainly fits procrastination as well! It certainly has many similar symptoms and might even be part of that illness.

  • It’s just about as multi-faceted.
  • Sufferers hate it but they still do a lot of it!
  • Most get anxious if they do it and even more if they don’t.
  • No matter how hard they try, they just can’t stop doing it.

There’s usually a catalogue of reasons why they do it, usually based on what they were taught – “Look before you leap”; “Always take time and think what you’re doing”; “There’s nothing wrong with being thorough”; “Only fools rush in,” and more similar. Most of us have been subject to such teaching so it’s mystery why it seems to get such a grip on some individuals, though does often appear to be based in anxiety.

The pesenting problem itself presents many difficulties for the therapist, not the least of which is the tendency to procrastinate about getting therapy. Much of the time, they have only presented after being nagged into it by a well-meaning friend or family member. That tends to create high resistance because they didn’t think their way through but got ‘pushed’, often leaving them with a feeling that they masy have placed themselves at risk in some way.

Seldom Recognised

t’s seldom recognised that procrastination comes in three distinctly different ‘flavours’:

  • General: In this mode, the individual procrastinates about everything or almost everything they have to do other than everyday tasks that need no thought. It’s when thought and action are required that the problem makes itself obvious.
  • Causative: Sometimes, this client feels that they can make decisions for themselves easily enough, but when a third party is involved – romantic partner, employer, relative, close friend, etc. – everything changes, and they turn into an indecisive wreck!
  • Situational: This mode is where there are one or more rather more complicated issues that are specific to certain situations or tasks and can include a fear of missing out on something better, fear of commitment, or uncertainty as to what is required of them.

Everything you need

This workshop covers everything you need to know to get the best possible response for the client. You’ll learn how to: defuse the procastinations about therapy; lay bare the exact style of the client’s particular procrastination; avoid open questions that can be a trigger for procrastination; discover which of four procrastination drivers is present; decide on which protocol(s) to use; everything, in fact, to clear the way for the Full Procrastination Reset to have the best effect.

You’ll get a detailed work plan which lays out each stage in detail and advises on when to use existing protocols, the specific preparation that is required for this condition and how to recognise when it’s Level 2 work that’s needed. You’ll also discover how to create the exact key phrase to ensure the best possible result from the application of the protocols.

In short, this workshop will give you everything you need to get past the problem that can confound even the most skilled of practtioners!

Is this suitable for me?

Procrastination can be difficult to resolve – this course is challenging but immensely effective and has even helped several attendees to resolve their own procrastination issues!

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