Brainworking Recursive Therapy


Brainworking Recursive Therapy – Level 1

This is the Level where all therapists currently in practice but new to BWRT must start. Level 1 is a broad spectrum therapy that provides an amazingly fast resolution for the majority of issues from the simple phobia to catastrophic PTSD, from anxiety to disastrous destructive behaviour. It also paves the way for extra training for those who want to specialise at the highest level of skill. 

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You must already have adequate formal training as a mind-orientated therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, hypnotherapist, psychiatrist or other psychology-orientated profession to enrol on this advanced training.

Acceptance of your enrolment is dependent on you having suitable current training
Why take this course
Watch this ‘Introduction to BWRT’ video on YouTube:

And this one shows what you can do with just Level 1:

On successful completion of this Level 1 course, you will be a qualified and certificated BWRT Professional Practitioner.


BWRT Level 1 covers General Psychopathology – classified as ‘the study and treatment of psychological and behavioral dysfunction’. See further down this page for what that allows you to work effectively with.

Attend in your own time zone – The class is recorded for later viewing so you can study it at a time that suits you, and any questions can be emailed. It’s not just a ‘talking head’ either, since there is a lot of interaction between attendees, though it’s entirely optional whether to participate or not – and the interaction is included on the recordings, making for a truly ‘live feel’ to each class. No matter where in the world you live, you can learn this astonishing therapy!

Currently, we’re atill maintaining this course in the ten x 90 minute lessons format, giving plenty of time for the assimilation of information and practice with colleagues, friends or family – and yes, you can do that with BWRT since you don’t need to dig around in private areas of an individual’s psyche!

Acceptance of your enrolment is dependent on you having suitable current training
Why take this course
Watch this ‘Introduction to BWRT’ video on YouTube:

And this one shows what you can do with just Level 1:

On successful completion of this Level 1 course, you will be a qualified and certificated BWRT Professional Practitioner.

Therapists from as far afield as South Africa, USA, UK, France, Belgium, India, Italy, Ireland, Lebanon, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand have become proficient in this innovative and effective new methodology. Not only that, but one highly eminent clinical psychologist who runs a clinic for psychological disorders in South Africa has stopped using every single one of his previous methodologies (including CBT and EMDR) in favour of BWRT, insisting that it turns on its head ‘everything we thought we knew about the human psyche.

What You Will Learn

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®️ (BrainWorking Recursive Technique®️ in the USA and other regions where ‘therapy’ is a restricted term) is an innovative concept of working with negative and destructive thought patterns, completely unlike anything that has gone before it. It presents an entirely new view of the subconscious mind – one that is extremely ‘user friendly’ and easy for the client to understand – as well as an elegant way of providing psychotherapy that gets easily beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty.

A major ‘plus’ for BWRT is that it can used with total safety via Skype, Zoom or similar media where it is every bit as effective as face-to-face sessions. It is also morally and ethically acceptable to use it with friends and family with no limitations. BWRT really is the therapy of the future!

It’s not a derivative of hypnotherapy and although it works to release what have always been considered to be ‘trapped’ emotional responses, it’s ‘content free’ in that the client doesn’t have to tell the therapist anything they wish to keep private. Suitable for all personality types, including those who are automatically resistant, it excels when help is needed for the psychological triggers for a huge variety of issues including in  LevelOne training:

  • Commitment Anxiety
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Success Inhibition
  • Fear of failure
  • All types of Performance Anxiety
  • Self Worth/Self-Confidence Issues
  • Fear of Authority
  • Relationship Issues
  • PTSD
  • PDSD (Prolonged Duress Stress Disroder)
  • Grief

PLEASE NOTE: Although we can help with many more issues, we are not a medical organisation and where there is a possibility that a condition may have a medical cause or need, BWRT practitioners are required to ensure as far as is possible that there has been relevant medical consultation. With that proviso, many psychologists and therapists have found BWRT can provide effective help in association with conventional medical care with such issues as:

  • Binge eating/drinking
  • OCD
  • Some dependencies
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Self-harming
  • Suicide ideation
  • Most depressions

Based around the latest discoveries in neuroscience, this technique provides flawless and easy-to-understand explanations of why we are apparently powerless to stop doing things that are destructive to us and our well being. It allows effortless ‘reprogramming’ of learned negative constructs and even makes it possible to change emotional memory and associated complex behaviour patterns.

This 10 lesson training reveals:

Why an event from years ago is still current as the brain is concerned
Why the subconscious is not necessarily trying to look after our best interests
How the the brain starts making decisions without our input – and what we can do about it
How mental processes travel 50 meters in the brain before we become aware of them
How to deal effectively with the ‘worry loop’ that stops people in their tracks
How destructive responses can be stopped and destroyed before they reach awareness
And, of course, how to conduct this therapy from start to finish!

Perhaps the best thing of all is that this is a fast therapy. During research and testing it has resolved deep-seated issues that have been present for as long as the client can remember, and taken only a couple of sessions to do it. It’s ideal for use as a standalone therapy or when it transpires there is still some ‘stuff’ creating destructive or negative responses.

When you’ve completed this training by successfully passing the final assessment process (included in the training fee) you will receive your BWRT certification and then be eligible for optional registration with The Terence Watts BWRT Institute.


1: An optional one-to-one assessment session with an Examiner (via Skype or ‘phone) of the theory and practical delivery is included in the fee as the final part of your training (full details given during training). All classes are recorded for reviewing or learning. This is only mandatory if you wish to be able to promote yourself as a ‘Registered BWRT Practitioner’.

2: It is expected that you will have a sound understanding of written and spoken English to ensure you grasp the content of the lessons.

Is this suitable for me?

If you’re a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist or other ‘mind worker’, this course is suitable for you.

Course Outline
It’s possible to work with almost any presenting symptom pattern that can be addressed more effectively than by other therapies such as Hypnotherapy, EMDR, CBT, ACT, DBT and the many others available. The training includes the Fundamental Protocol that you can use for almost any presenting difficulty, as well as several specialist protocols to make some issues easier to work with than ever.

Whereas with other therapies, the one or two session resolution for some issues is a possibility, with BWRT it’s a probability, the ‘norm’.

Here’s a brief outline of each lesson of the course:

Lesson One

The origins and scientific underpinnings of BWRT; where the subconscious might be in the brain; free will; what makes BWRT different from other therapies; the evolution of the physical brain and limbic system. At the end of this lesson you will have a clear grasp of the science behind BWRT – essential if you’re to get the best out of it!

Lesson Two

The pattern recognition processes; how neural responses work; the BWRT therapeutic intervention; how BWRT works; presenting it to the client; active and reactive states and the recursive loop. This lesson gives you a huge amount of guidance as to how best to present the process to the client, preparing for the best result.

Lesson Three

Using the brain’s natural processes; why it’s important; the Virtual World protocol (part 1) and how it works; the Emergency Stop (experiential); how to resolve potential difficulties. After this class, you will have experienced how even the most basic of BWRT processes achieves an instantaneous result.

Lesson Four

The Virtual World completed; when and how to use it; the PAL (Perceived Arousal Level); the hidden agenda; three case studies – one, the very first client to experience BWRT; two others for complex issues. This class completes the understanding of the foundations of BWRT and will give you enough material to practice with volunteers.

Lesson Five

Working with acceptance when necessary; direct, indirect or compound presenting difficulties; the Level 1 intake form; working content-free with the ‘guilty secret’; when BWRT doesn’t work. There’s not a therapy in the world that will work every single time with every single client. So you have to know how to handle the ‘fail’ situation elegantly.

Lesson Six

Working with kinaesthetic and auditory clients; the Rolling Road protocol for behavioural issues; Interactive Reinforcement; the Mental Steering protocol for working with PTSD; the Memoryless Protocol for when there’s no memory. Here, we begin to look at some advanced applications. (Some videos of the process at work are included with this lesson.)

Lesson Seven

The Association Protocol (for ongoing situations); the Future Memory Protocol for goal achievement; working ultra-effectively with Generalised Anxiety Disorder; working with self; two more case studies. In this lesson you will consolidate some previous learning as well as gain a simple technique for GAD you will use over and again.

Lesson Eight

Symptoms and work methods including success inhibition; fear of failure; performance anxiety; fear of authority; depression (mild to moderate); OCD (mild to moderate); other ailments you can work with. At this point we begin to have a look at how to work with some well-known difficult situations.

Lesson Nine

Advanced concepts; an alternative delivery method; the criteria for safe Positive Memory Edit; Future Traumatic Stress Disorder; multiple triggers; multiple focus; client management concepts; two more case studies. By now, you have nearly the full ‘working model’ of Level 1 BWRT – just a few ‘bells and whistles’ to add.

Lesson Ten

Miscellaneous matters; when to use BWRT; safeguards; the ‘opt-out’ letter for the client’s GP; another look at working methods; working with groups – Imposter Syndrome (experiential). The final round-up of how we work and a bit more experiential process to finish off with.

There is obviously a lot more to the course than can be listed here and the notes that you will receive with the video recording of each lesson allows you to review everything at your leisure. And if you are unclear on anything you can email us at any time for clarification.

Brainworking Recursive Therapy – Level 2

When you complete this advanced training, you will have the skills to work more effectively than ever before with such complex issues as dependencies and addictions, as well as complex anxieties PTSD, CPTSD and other notoriously complicated disorders. This course is not merely just more of the same as the Level 1 course, taking a radically different approach while still using the BWRT Core Process.


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